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Shell's Feed and Garden Supply  has Purina Wild Bird Chows,
bulk ingredient seeds such as black oil sunflower, grey stripe sunflower, thistle and raw peanuts. Also available is Purina Squirrel Chow, millet, safflower, sunflower hearts, suet cakes, dried corn on the cob for squirrels, and woodpecker food.

Feed and Supplies, Bird Seed, Bird Chow, Tampa Purina Bird Chow, Tampa, Florida Purina Wild Bird Chow, Tampa, Florida

Wild Bird Chow, Tampa, Florida Shell's Feed & Garden Supply, Tampa Florida, Premium Picinic Purina Mills Wild Bird Chow Wild Bird Chow, Tampa Florida

Feed & Garden Supplies, Tampa, Florida
Serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, Citrus
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Shell's Feed & Garden Supply Sells the Following Quality Feed & Supplies

Purina Mills Feeds

Manna Pro Feeds

Feeders & waterers

Fi-Shock electric fence controllers and supplies

Chain and hardware

Poultry supplies

Rabbit supplies

Pigeon supplies

Welded wire and hardware cloth

Stock tanks and automatic float valves

Havahart live animal traps

Animal repellents

Incubators and automatic egg turners

Rabbit cages and hutches

Rodent control products

Small Animal Feed, Wild Bird Feed, Tampa Kaytee